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Establishing Battery Performance Standards: Why it Matters

In the realm of technology, batteries play a pivotal yet often underestimated role. From powering our everyday devices to critical military and medical equipment, the performance of batteries can make or break crucial operations. However, despite their importance, batteries are notorious for their unpredictable behavior and tendency to degrade over time.

Consider the infamous case of the Falklands War in 1982, where uncooperative batteries nearly led to disastrous consequences for the British Army. Such incidents underscore the pressing need for stringent battery performance standards. While manufacturers may provide specifications regarding the number of discharge/charge cycles, the actual lifespan of a battery is influenced by various factors such as environmental conditions and usage patterns.

Lead acid, nickel-based, and lithium-ion batteries each exhibit distinct patterns of degradation. Lead acid batteries degrade as the active material on the positive grids is consumed, while nickel-based batteries suffer from corrosion issues. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, experience a decline in performance over time due to ion transfer slowdown caused by electrode buildup. Despite these known issues, battery manufacturers often remain silent on the inevitable capacity fade that occurs with age.

Consumers, too, have grown accustomed to exaggerated claims of battery performance. Advertised runtimes often fail to reflect real-world usage scenarios, leading to widespread disillusionment. Yet, challenging battery manufacturers on their claims remains a rarity, even in cases where lives are at stake.

The lack of universally accepted test procedures further complicates matters. Unlike critical components in aircraft or medical devices, batteries lack standardized maintenance guidelines and reliable testing devices. As a result, faded batteries can easily evade detection, posing a significant risk in critical applications.

It's time for a paradigm shift in how we approach battery performance. Establishing rigorous standards and investing in reliable testing methodologies are crucial steps toward ensuring the reliability and safety of battery-powered systems.

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