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YQH MB2022C20601 64 Color Perfect Atmosphere Light for Mercedes Benz 2022 C206

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Precio original €563,95
Precio original €563,95 - Precio original €563,95
Precio original €563,95
Precio actual €535,95
€535,95 - €535,95
Precio actual €535,95

Suitable for the installation of atmosphere lights on 22 low-end C206 original cars that are not fully equipped

Real time shooting effect during the day

Night shooting effect

 64 colors can be switched freely

The ambient lighting of the entire car is synchronized, with flowing and colorful lights, so romantic that it is suffocating

1.Center console left decorative strips

2.Center console right decorative strip

3.Center console saddle trim

4.Atmosphere light module

5.Center console light line

6.Center console light extension line and four door armrest light line

7.Four door armrest lights

1.Saddle lamp

2.Four door armrest lights

3.Footwell lamp

Easy and convenient installation

Provide a complete set of installation video tutorials

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