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Better Biomed Channel: Testing Batteries: It's More Than Volts!! - DonosHome - OBD2 scanner,Battery tester,tuning,Car Ambient Lighting

Better Biomed Channel: Testing Batteries: It's More Than Volts!!

DonosHome Battery Tester 5-36V 100-3000 CCA Load Tester Car Battery Tester AGM Lithium Gel Car Alternator Tester Digital Car Battery Analyzer Charging Crank System Tester for Car Truck ATV Motorcycle


  • 【Professional Updated Version Battery Tester】 Designed for all 5-36V batteries(5V, 8V 12V, 24V) with capacity of 100-3000 CCA, including normally flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral or gel batteries; It is based on the standard of JIS, EN, DIN, SAE, CCA, BCI, GB, CA, MCA and IEC, support the starting and charging system test, as well as the generator and starter test, to check the generator output voltage, rectifier diode, charging current is a normal condition.
  • 【Wide Compatibility Digital Battery Tester】 This battery tester is updated with the advanced conductance test technologies, the results of this alternator tester are not limited to SOH, SOC, CCA, current, rated power, resistance, idle voltage, charge voltage, charge ripple value, etc., especially compatible with cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, boats, etc., accurately and quickly measure the actual cold start ampere values, battery starting ability and healthy condition.
  • 【Ideal&Unique Design with Color Screen】DonosHome BT60 battery analyzer device has more than 1 meter long cable made of high quality nickel steel clip and equipped with a 26/016 copper wire ensure stable communication to give you reliable results, especially designed with a 3.2 inch color LCD screen with skeuomorphic design icon, 3 LED lights for display, 7 large rubber game controller buttons, extremely comfortable holding design, large menu control display in color.
  • 【Fast and Accurate Precise Battery Tester】Equipped with the latest technology, DonosHome BT60 has the extreme precision of test error value within ±2%, even larger rang up to 3000CCA, provides reliable results within seconds, accuracy up to 99.9%; Display proposal according to the test results, detect bad cells directly; Get answers quickly. This battery analyzer can automatically record the last test results without the need to retest from scratch.
  • 【Useful Smart Device and Problem Solving】The conductivity directly correlates with the battery capacity, and this battery tester device will never discharge or drain the battery. DonosHome BT60 battery tester automotive can also be used to test the condition of a discharged battery, and its passive test method is safe to use. No internal batteries are required for this device, as it turns on as soon as it is connected to the terminals of the battery under test.
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