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New Version, DonosHome DH310 Battery Tester, 12V/24V, 5-30V, 100-2000CCA, Load Tester Automotive Battery Analyzer - DonosHome - OBD2 scanner,Battery tester,tuning,Car Ambient Lighting

New Version, DonosHome DH310 Battery Tester, 12V/24V, 5-30V, 100-2000CCA, Load Tester Automotive Battery Analyzer

DonosHome DH310 12V/24V Car Battery Tester 5-30V 100-2000 CCA Load Tester Automotive Battery Analyzer AGM Lithium Gel Alternator Digital Battery Charging&Cranking System Tester for Auto Truck Motorcycle

  • Compact Design】DonosHome DH310 12v battery tester has a cable of over 1 meter long and is made of high-quality nickel steel clamps, ensuring stable results, and the compact design features a 1.85-inch LCD color screen (pixels 320x240); The battery analyzer has 3 LED display lights, and the light bar on the keyboard will display corresponding lighting effects as the fault indicator light changes; And 5 buttons on the DonosHome DH310 keyboard: scroll up/down, enter/exit and I/M
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Designed for all 5-30V batteries (5V, 8V 12V, 24V) with a capacity of 100-2000 CCA; Including ordinary submersible, AGM flat, AGM spiral or gel batteries; This battery load tester adopts advanced conductivity testing technology, this generator tester includes SOH, SOC, CCA, current, rated power, resistance, idle voltage, Charging voltage, charging ripple value, etc., DH310 battery analyzer supports starting and charging system testing, as well as generator and starter testing
  • 【>99.8% Accuracy】DH310 battery checker tester adopts new technology and has fast and accurate testing capabilities; The test error value is controlled within ±0.2%, and the test range can reach 2000 CCA; The testing process takes only a few seconds to provide reliable results with an accuracy of up to 99.8%; The car battery tester also features the ability to automatically record the last test results, eliminating the need to re-run the complete test process
  • 【Plug and Play】The DH310 car battery tester Analyzer allows you to efficiently test batteries both inside and outside your vehicle, including discarded ones; Testing your battery is incredibly simple - just connect the tester's clips to the battery, ensuring the red clip is attached to the positive terminal and the black clip to the negative terminal; Once connected, you can immediately begin testing and analyzing your battery
  • 【Excellent Service】In addition to professional features, the DonosHome prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering a 2-year warranty and dedicated customer support; You can easily contact our support team via email; This battery analyzer provides multi-language support in 10 languages to ensure that users in different regions can easily understand and operate the device, and it supplied manual available in 5 languages further enhancing user-friendliness
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